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Heating and Cooling Maintenance Options in Annandale, VA

Looking for ways to reduce your energy usage in Fairfax, Manassas, Alexandria, or Sterling, VA?

Proper heating and cooling of your house will preserve a comfortable home. Supporting a constant flow of air at the right temperature happens throughout the year, not only when something goes wrong.

The professionals at Kelvin HVAC Services have found that small, preventative steps will end up working in your favor.

Benefits of Regular Maintenance

Is taking the time to maintain your system worth it? In our decade of assisting customers, we have heard this question many times before. In our professional experience, yes, it is most assuredly in your best interests to keep up with regular maintenance of your heating and cooling systems both on your own and working with an HVAC professional.

The time and financial investment you make now will end up saving you money in the long run. Kelvin HVAC Services has been helping homeowners in the Annandale area understand the benefits of HVAC tuneups and regular maintenance for over a decade. To take advantage of these benefits in your home heating and cooling systems, reach out for a FREE consultation today with us today.

Regular Heating and Cooling Maintenance Offers You

Easy HVAC Maintenance for the DIY’er

Staying on top of the maintenance for each part of your complex heating and cooling system can be overwhelming. Scheduling a heating maintenance check in the fall and a cooling maintenance check in the spring with the experts at Kelvin HVAC Services will secure professional verification that you are safe before you need the season-specific system.
Between visits, there are some routines we recommend you do to sustain your systems. Bonus: all of the tasks are free or low-cost! But, not to worry, if you don’t feel comfortable or confident in completing these maintenance checks, contact the professionals at Kelvin today. We will give you peace of mind knowing the experts have taken care of any potential hazards.

Steps to Maintaining Your Heating and Cooling System:

Changing the Filter:

One of the best ways to maintain proper airflow is by changing your filters about once per month. Some units have an indicator prompting you to change the filter.

Clean Units:

Hose off any dirt or debris from the outside of units. If any of the fins were bent, straighten them with a butter knife.

Keep Outdoor Units Clear:

Trim any grass, tree branches, or other foliage from around any outdoor units. We recommend having a boundary of 12-18 inches.

Open Vents:

Make sure to leave an open space in front of all intake and output vents inside your home. Even more substantial items such as furniture or drapes should be out of the way.

Professional Maintenance Tasks

The professionals at Kelvin bring their well-trained eye for issues and adept industry skills to solve them before they become problems. After you have taken care of the routine checks, we are ready to step in and ensure your family is safe and ready for the upcoming season. Call in the experts to ensure your heating and cooling systems run at their highest level. The professionals at Kelvin HVAC Services have been serving the Annandale area in the industry for a decade. Our master HVAC technicians hold certifications in Nate, Trade, and FCC.

Our Routine Maintenance Check Includes:

Thermostat Check:

A trained technician will calibrate your thermostat to ensure its display and internal settings are congruent. This check is also a chance to check on any programming.

Electrical Evaluation:

Electrical wiring that is loose or improperly attached can be hazardous. The professional will check connections and voltage levels.


Technicians will check any condensate around furnaces or cooling devices.


Any blockages of your blower immediately decrease the efficiency of your system. Any necessary adjustments will ensure the most cost-effective flow of air.

Keep your family safe and avoid high energy bills by turning to Kelvin HVAC Services, Annandale’s trusted heating and cooling company. Our service area includes Northern Virginia and surrounding cities in the Washington DC metro area.

Contact us today to schedule routine service for an HVAC system.